What we do

We deliver hands-on, experiential learning experiences to help engineers, policymakers, designers, and stakeholders handle AI safety issues: bias, fairness, transparency, accountability, and justice. We focus on building internal capacity, teaching tools, and strategies to identify, interrogate and ameliorate algorithmic bias. We deliver training, education, and advising to for-profit, non-profit, academic, and government organizations.

Flight simulators are to airline safety as we are to AI safety. We help people experience and handle realistic AI safety risks in controlled, safe environments. This training equips people to handle real situations as they arise.

“The Daylight Lab ML Fairness Bootcamp was excellent. It gave my students a structured overview of common sources of bias, and frameworks for reasoning about fairness in applied machine learning settings. Students especially appreciated the hands-on labs, which provided an opportunity for hands-on experience with the ways in which standard ML algorithms can fail in real-world environments.”

Training and Education

We provide hands-on training to build your organization's capacity to handle and manage algorithmic risk. The core of our methodology is experiential learning—the notion, borne out by overwhelming empirical evidence, that people learn best by doing. We deliver experiential learning exercises at all levels of technical detail, from "no-code" interactive labs to full-on coding challenges, all based on real-world incidents. W

  • Tailored workshops tailored to your subject matter
  • Tailored labs or coding challenges tailored to your use cases
  • Needs assessment and tailored training plans

Policy Consulting

Algorithms require governance, and policymakers are looking to craft smart and effective rules and processes to amplify the upside of machine learning and artificial intelligence. We consult on policy solutions, from general to domain-specific. We synthesize knowledge from our network of experts to answer pointed policy questions.  

Audits and Advising

Algorithmic auditing is increasingly mandated by law, and auditing firms have popped up. Which auditing firm is right for your particular needs? What kind of audit will you need? Is the audit you got worth the money?

We can help you strategize. We can help uncover what kind of audit or assessment you need, refer you to the right auditor for the job (if necessary), and provide second opinions on audits, quotes, findings, and recommendations.

Get smart about algorithmic bias

Build your organization's capacity to identify and ameliorate algorithmic bias. Get in touch and let us know how we can help.